Our Company

Bio Care Australia is located in the world’s most livable city– Melbourne, Australia. Being a biotech company that does both research & development and mass production in house, we are involved heavily in biotechnology, cosmetics, and food. Our Research & Development department has inhouse high technology and innovative capabilities, and currently, we have three laboratories around the world. We also own 16 cutting-edge patented technologies.

2016 - Our cosmetic brand MESINA offers certified natural products that rejuvenate and nourish hair and skin. Natural, 100% Australian Made & Cruelty-free.

2020 - Our health brand MÄCHTIG, developed in Germany. Presents Golden Food with the best ingredients, refined formulas, and comprehensive management system.


Natural, 100% Australian Made & Cruelty-free.
We are committed to providing you with the best natural products
without compromising the environment, animals and your health.

Commitment to Quality

We are 100% Australian Owned, Designed, Manufactured and Controlled.
This is to ensure complete control over the processes involved in making our products.
Our devotion is to invest diligently in our research and development sectors to deliver
consistent high-quality products.
We strongly believe in beauty and wellness being accessible to each and every individual.

By opting for our beauty and health products, we hope that you will be emancipated to cultivate beauty for everyone.

Commitment to Society

Commitment to You

Because we manufacture 100% certified in Australia,
Each ingredient of our product is 100% natural and free from artificial chemicals.
Furthermore, the purchase of each ingredient goes through a very strict quality control process.