Bio Care Australia deeply believe in our moto "high quality and an elegant life " – that’s why we engrave our passion for life and humanity into the design of our product. In 2020, after years of research, "MÄCHTIG" was finally released after being developed in Germany.


Each ingredient of our products is 100% natural and has zero artificial ingredients. Each of our ingredients goes through a very strict quality control process exceeding Australian standards. We are also proud to say that only use a network of reputable certified suppliers for all our ingredients.

Our brand "MÄCHTIG" is proudly Australian made and owned, and is an embodiment of our dedication to the research and development of next-generation technology. "MÄCHTIG" is a German word, which means "powerful".


Our vision is to change people’s attitude towards food. Food is vital to our life and we eat food every day. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to source the best ingredients, refine the formulas, and improve the management system. Only by doing all these, can we produce the most exquisite, sophisticated product and present it to our customers in a graceful yet aesthetically pleasing way.

The Power Of Nature