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Our products are developed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of formulators including naturopaths, chemists, scientists and product development pharmacists. 

Each formulation is based on an in-depth knowledge of the principles and practise of product formulation, along with a rigorous and comprehensive review of the latest scientific advancements in natural medicine. 

At MÄCHTIG we pursue the best quality to our customers, the health and safety are the priority of our business.
Our golden food nutritional supplements are developed by in-house experts using high-quality ingredients from around the world and made to exacting requirements under international Inspection. All our products are verified from SGS and National Measurement Institute(NMI) standards of accordance with Australian requirements. 

MÄCHTIG only works with certified raw material suppliers, going to great lengths to source high-quality ingredients that comply with our strict ingredients policy. It’s these ingredient choices that underpin the efficacy and quality of our finished products.

Each ingredient of our product is 100% natural and free from artificial chemicals. and the production line is under the comprehensive control of Australia’s industry standards. That is why our products are so outstandingly effective and are regarded as the “Hermes” in food.

MÄCHTIG is always seeking to drive innovation. we commit to a strong new technique based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable us to provide quality health solutions with a strong evidence base.